Sinthesis Greenchem Pvt. Ltd.


Primarily Zeolites are Sodium Aluminosilicates, highly stable and unreactive chemical. Zeolite melt over 1000 °C, don’t burn, don’t dissolve in water or other inorganic solvents. They don’t oxidize in air. They can resist high pressures. They are abundant in nature and are believed environmentally safe. This makes them look pretty boring.

Structure of Zeolites make them interesting and useful. They have a crystalline structure with cavity and an opening. This works like a cage to capture molecules of size lower than the pore opening. This allows its wide use as a molecular sieve in many applications.

They also have excellent cation exchange capability making them very useful for water purification and an important component in detergents.

The cage acts as a place to concentrate molecules and activate reaction working like a catalyst and is widely used in petrochemical and other industries.

Most commonly used Zeolites are types 3A, 4A,5A and 13X. Series “A” has a different structure than series “X” and pore sizes of 0.3 nm, 04 nm, 0.5 nm and 1.0 nm respectively. Y Series are close to X.

Naturally occurring Zeolite, though available in abundance, does not provide uniformity required for industrial applications and the need for manufacturing in a controlled environment.

Sinthesis Greenchem is engaged in serious research around Zeolite manufacturing with greener technology. We are currently experimenting at table stage and are focused around Series A Zeolites as of now and looking to setup a commercial pilot with by March 2023.