Sinthesis Greenchem Pvt. Ltd.

Refractories & Foundries

Silicates are used as a part of binder system in self-flowing repair mixes. It also acts as an accelerator for the setting of mortars.

Foundries using silica moulds use Sodium Silicate as a binder as they are non-toxic and odour free.

Investment casting also uses Sodium Silicate as one of the binder options.

Silicates with higher SiO2/Na2O ratio has better binding capacity. We offer the highest ratio sodium silicate which are highly recommended in mortars, putties and gunning mixes.

Lithium Silicates offer even higher ratios and low viscosity that has excellent binding and refractory properties.
Silica Sol or colloidal silica is also used in some high precision investment casting in place of silicate.

In refractory castable composition, amorphous Silica is used along with microsilica.