Sinthesis Greenchem Pvt. Ltd.


Bio Silica is non-toxic, chemically inert, free from impurities, odourless gives the flexibility for use in various pharmaceutical formulations as a powerful aid. Bio Silica being derived from biomass brings and addition degree of freedom.

With high absorption capacity and low bulk density it is an ideal excipient, carrier & bulking agent in powders, tablets and capsules.

It is used as a free-flowing & anti caking agent in powders & granules. This not only improves the end product texture; it also helps in keeping the production line running smoothly without being clogged due to cake formation.

Improves dispersion of powders like ORS, protein powder, nutrition supplements recommended for dispersion in liquid before use.

Improves texture, weight uniformity, faster drying in coated tablets, capsules etc.

Improves mechanical stability in tablets.