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Paper & Cardboard

In Paper Industry Silicates are important component in hydrogen bleach liquors to stabilize the peroxide resulting in a brighter pulp at a lower cost. In addition, silicates buffer the bleach liquor at the pH at which the peroxide is most effective.

Silicates also help remove inks from the paper surface and prevents the ink particles from redepositing on the fibers.

The gluing properties of silicates make them very important in production of paper tube and drum winding. Soluble Silicate are used to produce rigid, high strength products ideal for heavy duty applications. Silicate with higher ration of SiO2:Na2O and low viscosity are specifically preferred for easier application, better strength and durability.

Amorphous Silica is used in the substrate of all kinds of paper – natural and synthetic. Addition of Amorphous Silica improves durability, printability, security and bonding strength.

Silica quickly absorbs and lock in inks for vibrant result. It ensures that the product remain lightweight, flexible and thermally stable. It is widely used in high-security and specialised applications.