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Detergent & Laundry


Sodium Silicates offers a fantastic combination of alkalinity & excellent buffering capacity for excellent removal of soils and fats. Their buffering capacity maintains the desired alkalinity to neutralize acidic soils, emulsify fats and oils and disperse or dissolve proteins.

In the production of spray-dried detergents, silicate solutions are easily added to the detergent slurry to control the viscosity for producing a powder of the desired density.

In washing bars Sodium Silicates serves as binder in detergents and in dishwash bars & tablets.

Hydrated Sodium Silicates are also used as phosphate free detergent builders.

Sodium Silicates also places a protective film on metallic surfaces (washing equipment, cookware) and ceramics (china) and protect these materials from attack by alkaline cleaners.


Amorphous Silica is an inert material with good compatibility in detergent Powder formulations. It is used in detergent as the most reliable & economical way to Improve Flowability and Prevents Caking of Powders.


With high absorption capacity, it acts as a carrier for Perfumes and Liquid Enzymes to be releasedduring wash cycle.