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Silicate is one of the oldest binders used in construction industry.

Silicates makes excellent concrete densifiers. Sodium, Lithium or mixed alkali silicates are specially crafted to give different kinds of performance in concrete densification to increase the service life of concrete by giving better protection from harsh chemicals & water.

Silicates are most popular chemical grouts. They are used to reduce the soil permeability, stabilizing and increasing the load bearing capacity of fine-grained material in foundation, for encapsulating the hazardous material in soil, for crack sealing in rocks & concrete etc.

Silicates forms an important component of geopolymer and can even enable a cement free concrete/mortar formulation.

Amorphous Silica is fast emerging as a material of choice for high end concrete, concrete art and other such specialist cases. It is used either in combination with micro-silica or independently.