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Coatings & Paints

Silicate forms the basis of Mineral Paints along with inorganic colorant like metal oxides. Mineral paints are highly durable as it permanently bonds to the siliceous substrate (concrete, mineral plasters etc).

They are highly resistant to UV and doesn’t tend to grow brittle, chalky or crack like paints based on acrylate or other organic binders. The colour remain constant for decades.

Silicate paints allow smooth diffusion of water vapor to keep walls dry and prevents structural damage. This also avoid condensation of water on the surface which is also highly alkaline due to silicate. This has inhibitory effect on microorganisms, algae and fungi without requiring any additional preservative.

Silicate paints are inherently dust resistant (as they are not prone to static charging and thermo-plasticity) and are easier to wash off.

Silicate paints are free from organic additives or solvents, incombustible, environment friendly and durable. As a result they are gaining popularity, especially in sustainable construction.

Different silicate (Sodium, Potassium, Lithium or combinations) can be used in the formulations of Silicate Paints.

Silicates are also added in wall putty coatings to give smoother, harder and water-resistant surface.

Silicate paints with Zinc are highly recommended for corrosion resistance coatings. It is highly recommended even on

Sol-Silicate paints have emerged as a powerful alternate in last decade. It combines Silicate with colloidal silica in the formulation. Adding of colloidal silica brings the new property of mechanical strength to the paint. It allows the paint also to be used on non-siliceous substrate like wood or already painted substrate.

Amorphous Silica is multi-functional additive for paints used in both water based as well as oil based systems.

AS an Anti-settling agent to prevent the precipitation of pigments in liquid paste formulations.

As a matting agent without impacting the color index. During film formation the silica particles comes on the surface to bring the desired roughness for mat finish.

Brings Scratch resistance to paint surface imparting it longer life.

Along with that it is used for rheology modifier in various ways.